Monday, February 6, 2017

My Wardobe in My Phone

So I've fallen in love with an app simply called Closet. Have you heard of it? You probably have and I'm a day late and a dollar short about it, but nevermind, I love this thing!!! If you haven't heard of it, let me show you how awesome it is (this is not endorsed, I just love it). Basically, it allows you to create a virtual closet and catalogue of all of the items in your wardrobe.

Obviously, you have to get the items IN your phone. Easy but time consuming. Of course, once you've got everything in, it's much easier to add/remove stuff as your wardrobe changes. There are three ways to do this as you can see here:

The "Gallery" button lets you choose a photo of something from your phone.
The "camera" button lets you take a photo of the item right then and there.
The "shop" button takes you through a series of choices, allowing you to choose by brand, color, type, etc. This is really handy if you just bought something and can grab a photo of it off of the stores website.

If you choose "shop," you can actually shop too! I'm not sure which search engine it's connected to, Shopstyle or Polyvore or who, but this way, if you order something online, you can add it to your virtual closet before you even get it!

There is even a way to change the shopping country in settings. For example, quite a bit of my wardrobe is from American stores. However, I live in Europe so some of my stuff is from those stores. By being able to switch countries, I was able to access more of my clothing without dragging everything out and taking a photo of it. Of course, there will be some items that you just cannot find - I have this problem with certain scarves. I usually find the closest thing possible or if it's driving me crazy, I take the actual photo.

Once you add the item, you catalogue it. Closet gives you the following category options:

 Once you choose your category, then it lets you choose color, brand, price, and season.

 I love how detailed it gets because this app also allows you to filter. So I can tell it to show me how many sweaters I have. I can tell it to show me how many spring weather sweaters I have. I can tell it to show me how many pink spring weather sweaters I have. It's great because it can show you where you have a gap in your wardrobe. Or you can see what brand you tend to gravitate towards which might help you determine your style if you are unsure.

After you get everything in and catalogued, you can start creating "looks."

 What I found really interesting is that while I consider myself to have a pretty small closet compared to most women - I think including my coats/shoes/scarves I have 73 items in my wardrobe to get me through all seasons - I was finding that I got a really good sense of what 73 items looks like when I started creating my looks. I couldn't believe how many there were and it actually got me thinking about cutting some more out of my wardrobe to minimalize it even more!

Another awesome feature is the packing list. It lets you choose items and the looks you had created from those items.

So handy so that when it comes time to put everything in your suitcase, you just pull out your phone and it shows you what to grab from the list you already created!

If you don't already use one, I hope you will give this - or another closet/wardobe organizer app a shot! I'm finding it so helpful in so many ways!! If you do use one, which is your favorite and why?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Goodbye Chain Stores!

Oooh, I am a happy girl!!!! I have found not one, but TWO online only stores that sell quality clothing that would make beautiful additions to your capsule wardobe AND they ship worldwide. YAY! Please allow me to introduce you to Maisoncashmere and Sezane.

Maison Cashmere is an online only cashmere site that was started by two brothers in 2005. They have cut out middlemen and retailers.  There is a small selection of styles and colors to choose from (nothing is made until it is ordered) or you can have something custom made. This means even more savings because they aren't paying for loads of warehouse space to store tons of sweaters or scarfs, etc. This reduced cost allows them to offer better quality. I ordered this:
 The other wonderful site is Sezane:

Sezane was started by Morgane Sezalory and is/was the first fully online French fashion brand. This choice was fulled by her desire to create quality clothes at a fair price by again cutting out middlemen and store fronts. This girl rather you have clothes you want to wear every day than 5 closets of nothing. That's my kind of girl! According to the site:

"S├ęzane proposes four main collections each year which are completed each month with new products or "capsule collections."

She only creates a limited quantity so once it's gone, it's gone. I chose to add this beautiful silk blouse to my capsule wardrobe:

I hope these two sites will help fill out any gaps in your capsule wardobe! As you know, I am always on the hunt for good quality at a fair price. What are your favorite places for good quality basics?

A love/hate relationship

Dear Jeans,

Once upon a time you were my best friend. You took a little getting used to because you were stiff and uncomfortable, but once we hung out for a while, you softened beautifully and shaped yourself to fit only me. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? 

New Look Navy Jeggings

This is what I wear right now. Elastic waist jeggings. Why? I got so tired of dealing with that gap you get in the back or so much stretch that my jeans were constantly falling down that I gave in and went with an elastic waist. And it DOES stay put with no gap. The trade off is that the material is really thin.  As in it's been cold enough that I am wearing thermals underneath them because the material is that thin. Ok, maybe it's time to go back to the other style jeans because if they are that thin, how long before they rip or tear?  And if I am replacing them constantly, how does that fit with my idea of a quality minimal wardrobe? So off I went yesterday in search of thick denim. Ones I could count on year after year. I went to two different malls, store after store, only to be met with similar materials. And I checked all the brands you would think make good denim: Gap, Levi's, 7 for all Mankind, Diesel, etc. You name them and I probably felt a pair. And not one of them were that thick denim I remember having back in the day. I'm not the only one who feels this way apparently. There is a movement of "raw denim." This lovely blogger already did the research and lists several places who offer it along with a description. If you are as frustrated with thin, cheap quality denim as I am, give it a read.

The Jeans Blog

I plan on ordering from one of these places. I will let you know what I find. In the meantime, anyone know of any good jeans?